EVE Online

Welcome to the world of EVE Online! If you’re a fan of this immersive and exciting space simulation game, then you may have already heard of Mind1, a talented DJ and member of Karmafleet.

Karmafleet is one of the largest and most respected player-run corporations in the game, with a focus on helping new players get started and providing a welcoming community for veterans. They offer training, resources, and support for all members, and are known for their strategic prowess and impressive fleet battles.

While Mind1 may not be considered a top player in terms of skill, he brings valuable contributions to Karmafleet in other ways. As a DJ, he provides entertainment and support during the long and intense battles that can occur in the game, helping to keep morale high and boost the performance of his fellow players.

In addition to his work with Karmafleet, Mind1 is also a popular EVE Online streamer, sharing his adventures and insights with a growing audience of fans. Whether he’s exploring distant regions of the galaxy, engaging in battles with other players, or providing support as a DJ, Mind1’s streams are always entertaining and informative.

So if you’re looking for a fun and welcoming community of EVE Online players, or just want to learn more about the game from a seasoned expert, be sure to check out Karmafleet and Mind1’s streaming channel. You’ll get to see a different side of the game and how players can contribute in unique ways.